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Whip Customs are pleased to offer our vast range of starlight kit installations for 99% of cars. Whether you want that stunning Rolls Royce white starlight look, or you want the whole shebang; shooting stars, twinkle kit, 300-800 stars, whatever you want, we can get it done.

Our kits come with twinkle function as standard - we don’t charge extra for this unlike other companies.


Our specialist technicians can install the starlights how you like, giving you a wide variety of control options plus hardwired to your car, so they will turn on and off with your ignition.


Lifetime Warranty

For complete piece of mind we offer a lifetime warranty for all starlight installations, so you can rest assured that if anything was to go wrong later on, lights stop working etc, (which has never happened yet) then we will fix it at no extra cost to you.


Transform your interior with our starlight headliner install.


Trust us, this one makes a HUGE difference.


Choose from 300 or 800 pieces kit, bring your car to us, and let us handle the rest.


500 Colours

App/Remote controlled

Music mode

Hardwired to the car

Twinkle/meteor modes

We can add Shooting stars if you wish. (Contact us for this beforehand)


Installation takes 6-8 hours.


Please note: Uncommon vehicles (vans etc) please contact us privately for a quote.

Twinkle Starlights

PriceFrom £400.00
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