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The CAN-phantom vehicle immobiliser is an electronic anti-theft device which requires a pin code before allowing the engine to start.


The immobiliser essentially tells the vehicle not to start until the disarm sequence has been inputted using the buttons on your dash/wheel/door.


After installation, the user will be required to set a unique pin code. This will be the code that you have to enter to allow the vehicle to start.


After install, we will teach you how to use the features, maintenance mode, change the pin, etc.



  • CAN bus immobiliser system
  • Discreet integration within a vehicle’s internal network
  • Deactivated using the buttons on your steering wheel and dash
  • Simple WiFi user interface to access settings
  • No transmitted radio frequency signals
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Personalised disarm sequence
  • No need to disclose PIN with built-in Service/Valet mode
  • Supplied with Override card in case of emergency


(Prices may vary for newer cars- Please confirm with us)

Can Phantom Immobiliser - No Pin. No Start

£499.00 Regular Price
£399.99Sale Price
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