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Tail Light Retrofits

Here at Whip Customs LTD, we offer a wide range of tail lights for different car models, including VW MK7 Golfs and various BMW models. The majority of these tail lights are plug and play, and can be installed to your vehicle without the need for coding, simplifying the process by a lot. These installations can be provided by our team in London, or if you live out of London we can most likely travel to you.


BMW M3/M4 Style GTS Lights

These tail lights are inspired by those found on the BMW M4 GTS, at a fraction of the price, without any compromises in quality. They are available with a smoked look, or in red, as pictured. We can supply and fit these to F30/F32/F80/F82 models, in which they are fully functional with the dynamic LEDs. 


VW MK7/7.5 Golf Dynamic Lights

These high quality lights are perfect as either replacements on 7.5 models, or an upgrade on MK7 models to achieve the facelift look on the rear end. These lights are simply plug and play, and are available in red or with a smoked look, as pictured. They have LED sweeping indicators and are a fraction of the price in comparison to others.

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